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My Practice


After being a member of the lovely Creative Spaces artistic community at River Studios in West Melbourne for 3 years, I have recently moved into a great space at Fundere Studios in West Footscray, sharing with fellow artist Jane Ansted. 

I completed my more formal art studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University’s School of Art and I now work part time as an independent practicing artist.

I work across multiple mediums, letting the realisation of my idea dictate the best material to use.  Generally this ranges from painting and printmaking to smaller-scale sculptural works. 


I love to experiment with materials and have been experimenting with encaustic medium (beeswax & damar mix).  While I have created larger installation pieces using encaustic, I have also been making smaller works by drawing into the tactile wax surface with etching tools, and also transferring my photographic work onto the waxed surface.

This year I have picked up the paint brushes again and have just started to get back in to printmaking.  I will continue to explore themes of decreasing natural habitat and endangered animal species and environmental issues generally.



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