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Artist Statement


My work draws on my passion for animal conservation, exploring both the astounding diversity and power of the animal world and my deep concern for decreasing numbers and extinction. 


I am intrigued and perplexed by the polemic beauty of industrial objects alongside animal images and in exploring the tensions that lie between progress and the destruction of natural habitat. 


While my work may cause a sense of disquiet or even discomfort at times, I aim to inspire reflection and questions around personal responsibility, rather than being simply bleak or didactic about the future. I am dismayed by the rapid increase in the loss of species’ and often use images of animals confined in glass, playing on themes of preservation against a constricting lack of natural habitat.  No matter where my practice has taken me to date, I find myself inevitably drawn back to this topic, which is core to my personal values.


My visual art practice leans mainly toward painting and printmaking, while also working with whatever medium I feel will best convey my idea or concept.




  • 2013 - 2014 - Graduate Certificate of Visual Art, Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne Uni, School of Art)

  • 2012-2013 - Certificate III in Visual Art, CAE (Boxhill TAFE)

  • Other degrees include:  Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education, Masters in Business HR/IR ('cause a girl's gotta make a living!)




I work part time as a HR Manager and part time as a practicing  artist.  In my spare time, I play the darabuka (a middle eastern goblet-shaped drum), accompanying both tribal and cabaret bellydance performers, which is mainly community-based charity work.  I am married to a wonderful musician, Stephen Hearn, and have three cats, Lily, Leroy & Lucky and our gorgeous rescued greyhound, Leelu.

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